The Never Say Never Guy Album Review by Skales

The Never Say Never Guy

The Never Say Never Guy

Baseline rapper turned pop act, Skales, has had his fair share of criticism and social media ridicule over the years. From his exit from EME, to his arrest, and problems with his label, and management, Skales has really been through it.

Fast-forward 2014-2015, Skales found mainstream success with his hit single Shake Body and went on to release his debut album Man Of The Year in 2015.

His sophomore album The Never Say Never Guy is finally here and here is what we think of it.




Thank God

T: Decent intro. Cool reggae vibes. Skales telling his rags to riches tale, can’t be mad at that

S: ‘Decent’ is the word, plus we can’t really say anything bad about a song about God


T: So, the same rule that applies to Track 1 is the same that applies to this. You really can’t slander a ‘God’ or ‘mama’ song

S: Didn’t he thank his God and his mama on his first album? Should we expect the same song on his next album? ‘cuz I am tired…they are dry

T: I’m not even listening to his next album to be honest

S: Hahahaha

Gbefun One Time ft Burna Boy

T: The only good thing about this jam is Burna’s straight fire verse. Skales didn’t even say anything relevant, just his normal rhyming ‘hating’ with ‘navigating’

S: Skales always gotta talk to us about his haters

T: That narrative has passed

S: This is a dope jam either way! Burna murks this joint all through

S: Burna’ Yoruba improves with every song but I am still struggling to order properly at Amala Shitta

T: You need to marry a Yoruba girl

S: *notes that down*

Booty Language

S: As a booty man, this song does not represent us. We do not approve this

T: I don’t know how you fuck up a booty song with a good beat. This is the worst booty song ever

S: “Ur booty be like metal bring am make i melt am” which kind hard yansh be that???

T: Guyyyy

T: Booty and metal in the same sentence

T: Just because you want to rhyme it with ‘experimental’?

S: If booty is not soft it belongs to man…na man yansh this guy dey sing about?

T: I think so. That’s the only explanation. Or

The never say never guy

Make Love In the Morning ft Wande Coal

S: Since Wande dropped in the scene in 2007, this is his worst feature

T: Please what is this Major Lazer bootleg song

S: Sergeant Eraser

T: ‘Glo glo glo’, ‘show show show’, ‘know know know’. Is this primary school?

S: Never playing this again abeg.

Kpete Wicked

T: Another bumbum song spoiled by Skales and his corny ass lyrics

S: All these poor bumbum songs, making me not even like bumbum again

T: Sad stuff

S: Production is just flat

Loke Loke

S: Standout track

T: I mean in country where there are all a-cup babes, a b-cup babe is going to stand out

S: Loooooool. Not a bad hook. Production is aight. Skales is singing to his haters again

T: One day he won’t have haters again. Then we’ll see what he will sing about

S: Looooool

Gallant ft Lil Kesh

T: Again, the person he features outshines him on his own song

S: Sounds like a recycled beat, like the Azonto beat

T: Yeah it kinda does

S: Yeah I no need hear pass “I am Gallant”… i threw up out my ears

For You

T: Decent club song. Skales doesn’t say anything new, same whack rhyme pattern, same everything

S: Hahahahahahhaha

T: ‘Gbon gbon gbon’, ‘on on on’ ‘don don don’

S: Mehn! You would think this is the same thing until you hear the next song

Ko Ma Gbon

S: Hahahahhahahahahahahahahah

T: HHahhahaaa!! Well it’s the same thing

S: ‘Millieee millieee’, ‘kudddiiieee’

S: This guy needs to just sit down somewhere and think about something else

T: I’m just tired

Speak My Mind ft Timaya

T: Man went from wack booty songs to mediocre Caribbean songs

S: Like this song ain’t bad but it’s boring.

T: Doesn’t work. Same ‘hating on me’, ‘my back account is now good’ subject matter

S: Sweardown. Always about haters, ‘now you have money’…etc etc

T: We’re happy for him and his money but him and his music. We are quite sad

S: Loooooool

Let Me Love You ft Phyno

S: Skip

T: So you’re saying it’s not even worth a sec of your listening ear?

S: Nope

T: I agree with you

S: Rather listen to goats mehhh up n dan

Feel Good ft PJ Morton

T: This song is sad. Not sad in like a ‘you want to cry’ way. But ‘sad’ in like ‘my God why??? Why did this song happen? Is Maroon 5 breaking up? Is Adam not paying these guys enough!? Why is Skales singing?

S: Hahahahahahaahahaha

S: Mehn! All i wanna do is skip this song

T: Skip please

Lavish ft Rotimi

T: Dope production by Echo. Lovely trap beat. Dope feature. But Skales hardly delivered

S: Skales and Delivery is like a blind midwife

T: So Sad

Booty Language remix ft Sarkodie

S: Like this song is not bad once…we get it again

T: And it’s not even a bonus track or the last song. Album direction, Zero

S: You know why this song is bad?

T: Why?

S: Sarkodie didn’t even say “you know say money is a problem”

T: Hahahaha

S: Like ‘abidipondigidyyyyy’ no even enter



T: At this point I just gave up

S: Yooooooo

T: Baba Fryo doesn’t approve. Mans just ‘denge denged’ his way through the whole song

S: This jam is puuuure trash

T: Skales said ‘denge’ like 1 million times and the song was over

S: Like a broken record

T: Terrible

S: Can we just skip to the verdict

T: We should have done this after track 5


T: The Never Say Never Guy album by Skales is a poor sophomore album. Skales totally falls short on this one. The album is marred by very corny lyrics and repetitive beats. This is an album I’m never going back to.

S: The Never Say Never Guy  is the wash your windscreen in traffic, begging for handouts of albums. Just give us singles for eternity because clearly Skales can’t put together a decent body of work.

1.5/5 Wraps

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