In Search of Higher Frequencies EP Review by Mojeed

in search of higher frequencies

in search of higher frequencies

In Search of Higher Frequencies is Mojeed’s second body of work. And if his debut project is anything to go by, we expect nothing but good music from Mojeed.

In Search of Higher Frequencies features production by J Moh, Balli and Billionea, Spax, Focus Ramon and Drill Meister.





In Search

T: Easily my favourite track. Mojeed makes this rap thing look easy

S: Mine too. Mojeed kicks this off like he never left

T: No bad vibes allowed on this one

S: This that mellow zone jam. Dude just mentioning Brooklyn and JFK anyhow you know he has pali
Eko Atlantic

T: No one does it as effortlessly as Mojeed, from the chorus to the way he switches from Yoruba to English. The boy sabi

S: The music on this is proper. Loved the part on the verse in Yoruba

T: See the was the guy made the trap beat his own..

S: This Eko Atlantic no dey flood. Nice n chill

T: Ambode should just come and make this his slogan for Eko Atlantic
S: Ko possible. Ambode likes noisy music

T: I forgot 😢

The Charm ft TEC

S: Three words: Tec’s Verse Flames!!!!

T: Spax easily becoming the go to guy for that chilled mellow production. Tec spazzed on this

S: “Show dem! show out when it’s show time”

Love Spell

T: Solid song, Mojeed and Tesh talking that boy and girl wahala stuff

S: Loooool @ wahala stuff.

T: That’s 80 percent of all the Nigerian couple convo. Wahala lol

S: You listen to this and i think Mojeed and SDC should just tour. This ‘Palmwine Music’ vibe is too good not to be heard

S: I like Tesh, she was an ok spitter but think she has gotten better as an artist.

T: She did aight on this one


S: My best song.This is a groooove. Mojeed killed those verses but that hook meehn, your negativity will neverrrrrrrr…

T: This is what you call vibe. Not all that nonsense ‘vibe’ and ‘wavy’ everyone is out there claiming

S: ‘Issa vibe, issa wave’…issa will you just shut the fuck up. Can’t stand those clowns

T: Hahaha


S: Wasn’t feeling this. Maybe ‘cuz it reminds me of Eyo and masquerades

T: Loooool. Maybe because it sounds different, it’s still a good song
T: Mojeed delivers once again on his second body of work. In Search of Higher Frequencies shows the former Aristokrat rapper still has what it takes to be a top MC

S: Mojeed still remains one of the best and prolific hiphop acts out of Naija. It’s been 3years since his debut classic. Hope he keeps the music coming now.


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